Kara Kum – Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

Pneuma opened her eyes and saw a man lying in bed next to her. As the man turned over she realized it was the young man from the train station. She reached out and touched him. His eyes opened, he smiled at her, ”Go back to sleep Alma,” he said as he turned over,” we have to go visit my parents in the morning.”

Pneuma sat up and looked around the room, she realized she was on the other side of her window, out amonst the normals. It was all very strange to her, freightened and exciting at the same time. She was comforted by the stone still in her hand. She got up out of the bed and started walking around the room. She went to the dresser, there were lots of little boxes. Inside each box there were shiny pieces of jewerly. In one long box she found a neckless. She took it out of the box and slipped it over her head. She giggled as she looked down at it. She noticed she wasn’t wearing her pink gown, but a long blue tee shrit. She decided she liked this too, even though it wasn’t shiney.

In the darkness she saw something move. She froze for a moment, but there was something fimalure in the movement. She walked toward the movement and came upon a mirror. To her this appeared to be a window. She put her finger up to it and the person on the other side did the same. She realized that the person did whatever she did. After a while she began to feel bad for the person in the mirror. She wondered if they would ever be able to get out.

She walked out of that room and into the kitchen. The kitchen was small, it consisted of a stove, a refigarator, a small sink, a chair and three cabinets. There was enough space for her to turn around in. She opened one of the cabinets. “Glass” she said. she took a glass out and looked at it. She couldn’t how they shaped water into this form. She held it out in front of her and looked though it. It changed the way things looked. As she back into the cabinet, it slipped out of her hand and smashed on the floor.

She looked down at it in shock. Suddedly the kitchen door flew open. Seth and Felix were standing at the door looking at her. Felix flicked the light on. “Alma, what the hell…….?”he shouted. “Getting yourself something to drink?”Seth offered. Pneuma nodded. Felix started laughing, ”Man, you scared the shit out of me.” Pneuma smiled. “I’ll go get the broom” Felix added and went off toward the bathroom.

“Guru!” Pneuma said as she pointed at Seth. He smiled, “You mustest call me that, here I am Seth, named for the god of Choas.”