Kara Kum – Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

Alma woke up to find her laying on a bed in a strange place. She thought that this must be some weird hangover. Margiana came into the room, it was apparent that she had quiet a few glasses of wine. “Oh, your awake.” She said to Alma. “Yes, I guess I am.” Alma replied. Margiana smiled a large drunken smile.

“What happened when you walked threw the fire? Come on tell me the Guru’s not around,” Margiana said. Alma hesitated, “I…..I’m not…” her voice trailed off. Margiana shook her head, burbed and kept smiling,”That Guru is a tricky one. I’m  never quite sure where I stand. When I first came here the Guru was very helpful… made me a goddess. Then the Guru did something I’ll never understand.”

Alma looked at this strange women in front of her, she was wearing a bikini, and was very pretty. She was the kind of woman Alma was always intimated by, but for some reason this woman didn’t intimadate her. “Where am I?” she asked Margiana.

Margiana smiled,”Kara Kum…. Hey…….How come you can talk?” Margiana asked. “Oh never mind, let you tell me my story… no wait, you know what I mean.” Margiana laughed a little,”Well it was April first, April fool’s. I was just coming back from court. I had just gotten devoriced from Milton, my ex-husband. I was driving my Mini-van over the Potamic river, that ‘s a river in Washington D.C. where I lived. Our daughter Bolinda was with me in the Van with her twin boys. I was really mad at Milton. The reason we got devoriced is sort of crazy and painful. He had this friend we used to visit, Naomi, who he said used to baby sit  him when he was a child. She had a son named Vernon, a scary young man, but Bolinda fell in love with him and they had the twins. One day Bolinda came to me in tears, in hand was a copy of Vernon’s birth certificate. It listed Milton has his father. When Milton got home that evening I confronted him with the birth certificate. He confessed that Vernon was in fact, his son. As I was trying to come to terms with the idea that Naomi was not just his baby sitter, he told me that she was his sister. Making Bolinda and Vernon half brother and sister.” Margiana paused, “ and the twins there own first cousins.  It gets really confusing. Anyhow, I was really mad and we where going over the bridge when I noticed that Milton, Naomi and Vernon were all in the car in front of me. I don’t know what came over me but I started smashing into there car. Before I knew what happened both cars where in the river, we all drown. We ended up here in the land of Kara Kum. Before I know it the Guru makes me Margiana the Goddess of Joy… I’m a real goddess, with special powers and everything”

Alma didn’t know what to say to Margiana. “Oh really, so your family is here in Kara Kum.” Alma stretched her mind to try to remember what happened the night before, but she came up with nothing. Margiana, frowned, “Yea, they are all here. That’s the thing, the Guru made them all Gods and Goddess’ too. I can’t figure out why, Ok, Bolinda I can see, and even the twins, but the other’s are just evil. That’s why I don’t trust the Guru. “

Just as Margiana said this, the Guru walked into the tent. “Telling stories” it said. “You know my problem with you, I’ll never understand it,” Margiana said. Alma looked at the Guru, it was Seth, in an oddly and inhumanly shaped form, but it was Seth.

“Seth!?” Alma yelled. The Guru smiled, ”My dear, in this place you must call me ‘the April Fool’ or ‘the Guru’. “ It smiled a wide toothy smile and winked,”There is no ‘Seth’ here.”

Alma thought that Seth was playing a game. She thought she must have gotten really drunk, and they went to a really weird party the night before, that she couldn’t recall. “Ok Seth, Guru, whatever, where are we? where’s Felix?”

“Oh don’t you worry about dear old Felix, he’s home and safe. It’s you you should worry about. Where are you? Who is this drunken women? and How did you get here?”

“How come she can talk right?” Margiana asked. “And who in the hell is Seth?”