Kara Kum – Chapter 6

Chapter Six

That evening Alma and Felix sat in their living room waiting for Seth to arrive. Felix spend the better part of the afternoon cleaning the room out. “I think this is really going to work out good. Really good.” Felix said. Alma wondered, ‘Is he trying to convince me or himself?’

They sat in silence. Suddenly, the phone rang and they both jumped. Felix answered it and buzzed Seth into the building. “He’s here.” Felix said nervously. Shortly, there was a knock at the door, and as Felix opened it, Alma inexplicably started to panic, intense fear washed over her. She sat there frozen like a deer in the headlights.

“Well, “ Seth said as he opened his backpack and pulled out a large bottle of wine, ”Let’s celebrate with a little libation.” Alma thought this an opportunity to escape if only for a couple of minutes. “I’ll get glasses”, she said as she went into the kitchen.

In the kitchen Alma sat down and started chanting in her head, ‘I am powerful, I will not let this overwhelm me. I have nothing to fear.’ After a couple of minutes she stopped panicking. She calmly got up and got glasses out of the cabinet and went back into the living room. Seth was standing in the middle of the room and Felix was looking at the bookshelf.

“What are you boys talking about?”, she said. She held out the wine glasses, as Seth opened the bottle. “Ladies first,” He said as he poured her a glass. “This is oddly familure” Alma said as she slowly spun the wine in her glass. “Yes,” Seth mumbled just loudly enough for Alma to hear, ”It is. I wonder if that young man ever got the money for rent?” This statement made her freeze. She had a memory flash of being on a train with Seth but couldn’t place it. She sat down on the oversized couch that she and Felix rescued from the trash. Seth sat down in the chair next to her. “Here’s to new roommates,” he said as he tinked her glass with his.

Alma took a large swallow of wine. It was sweet and dry at the same time. She sat back on the couch and closed her eyes trying not to think of anything. While her eyes where closed Seth reached over and slipped something in her drink.

Felix stood up with a large red book in his hand. “Here it is; the book I borrowed from you last semester.” he said as he handed it over to Seth. “Thanks, “Seth said, as he put it in his backpack, “I’ve been looking all over for that. Your wine Felix?” he added as he handed Felix his glass.

Felix looked over at Alma sitting on the couch with her eyes closed, “Alma… you ok?” he asked. Alma opened her eyes, ”Yea, just going to my happy place.”

“Well here’s to new roommates!” Felix said as he tinked there glasses. Each of them took a big swallow of wine. Alma notice a change in the taste, slightly sweeter. She began to feel a little dizzy.  She sat back on the couch and closed her eyes again. Felix an Seth continued there conversation and drinking.

Visions began to flash in Alma’s head. She felt as if she were zooming forward toward the center of a giant kalidascope. At first the images in the kalidascope were random and colorful, but then they change to images of a golden corn field. Without realizing it Alma began to quietly chant, ’corn’ over and over again.

Felix noticed Alma’s odd behaviour and got her up,”Come on you light weight,” he said as he pulled her to her feet. He turned to Seth and said,”This girl is not a drinker.” Felix, who was a drinker and was feeling very merry, took Alma and put her to bed. Then went back to drink and talk with Seth. After a long night of talking and drinking they decided that Seth should start his “roommateship” that night as he was too drunk to make it home. Felix fixed up the couch for him and then joined Alma in bed.