Kara Kum – Chapter 10

Chapter Ten

“Let’s have some more wine” the Guru said. Alma gave the Guru a quizical look. “What time is it?” she asked. “What do you mean, Hic, what time is it? Your in Kara Kum, time has no realivance here. Hic” Margiana said, taking a glass from the Guru. The Guru poured her a tall glass. “After that one your cut off. “ Margiana looked at the Guru, “I tell you when I’m done drinking….he he, and I think it’s right now.” she handed the glass to Alma and headed off toward her tent.

Alma stood, looking down at the glass she was holding. Finally after a long while she looked up at the Guru, ”So….. what is it you wanted to be called, Guru………Where the HELL are we?” She said. The Guru smiled a wide smile, which at this point Alma was tried of and was thinking of knocking a couple of teeth out of it, ”We are in Kara Kum. On Margiana’s compound.” it said tipping it’s head coyly. “Ok,”Alma said, nodding her head for dramatic effect. “So, How are we getting home?” she stepped right in front of it and stared in it’s face. “Oh, my dear,” the Guru hollowed, “I live here, this is my home.”And with that the Guru sat down on a big cusy green chair that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“Ya know Seth, your a real asshole.” Alma said, “I’ll find my way home by myself, you bastard. But don’t think I won’t tell Felix about you playing this little game.” She turned around and started following Margaina foot prints in the sand. She figured that Margiana was nuts and probley had someone caring for her. She thought that maybe this person could answer her questions.

She followed the prints into Margiana’s tent. “Cool pillows” she thought as she walked in. “Uh, Hello, Margie, are you here?”A head popped up from the middle of the pillows. “Hello” Margiana said in a drunken voice. “Are you looking for a place to crash?…I love that phrase, I learned it from the circus people.” Alma bit her lip trying not to laugh. “Yea, I guess I am. Is there anyone else here? Maybe someone who helps you out with stuff?” Alma asked. Margiana stood up, ”Oh you mean like the Princess? No, shes out with her boys, besides she has her own tent? That’s right you wouldn’t know that because your a window rat. Wait.” Margiana looked off into space.”How come you can talk? I’ve never heard a window rat talk, except for Sev, that minion of Vernon, poor bastard. He was a window rat, then all of a sudden that next April Fool’s he was one of the new recuits. Drowned in his bathtub.  I still don’t get that one. But somehow he owes his soul to Vernon. Vernon made him a deal, Sev can have his soul back when he brings Vernon 1000 souls. Until then he does Vernons bidding. I’ve caught him going out into reality on the full moon and trying to steal souls to pay the debt. Vernon is still under the illusion he’s going to get worshipers. What a fool….. well, I guess he’s in the right place huh?” with that she gave Alma a harty slap on the back. “Now wait, what did you ask me?” she added. Alma smiled and asked, “Nothing….nothing, you say the Princess helps you out? and where is her tent?” Margiana pushed her way threw the pillows toward the door. “Right over there, it’s the purple one.” Margiana pointed to a purple tent two doors down.

“Listen, I just going to run over there and let her know you got home safe, ok?,”Alma said. “Suit yourself” Margiana answered as she drove onto the pillows in her tent. Alma headed toward the Princess tent.

”Hello, I’m looking for the Princess? she takes care of Margiana.” She called in a questioning tone. A woman emigered from the opening in the tent. “What do you want? I… am the Princess” She said in a very dramatic manner, seeping her robe over her shoulder as she spoke.

The Princess narrowed her eyes,”Your Pneuma, that window rat that showed up with the Margiana’s stone today. You know when I asked her she told me she didn’t know it was missing…. more importently how is it you can speak?” She said with an aquisatory tone. Alma smiled and thought, ”I get it they all crazy.” Finally she said,”Yea, stone, Listen…. is there a pay phone around her? or somewhere I could catch a train back to New York, I assuming form all the sand we’re on Long Island.”

The Princess looked at her like she was crazy, ”Pay phone? Long Island? What are you talking about? You sound like a new recuit who hasn’t figured out that they are dead yet. Who are you?” Alma looked at her and said, ”My name is Alma.” The Princess pulled her head back, ”Something isn’t right here, come inside my tent where we can talk in private.” As they both truned to go into the tent the Guru appeared in front of them out of the darkness, “Be careful who you play with.” It said and then faded back into the darkness. “Fuck you Seth!” Alma shouted. The Princess to hold of Alma’s arm and led her into the tent.