Kara Kum – Chapter 2

Chapter two

This story starts out in with the over head view of a house. The house is like every house, normal, American. A young child runs out, it’s Alma, she is seven years old. Alma is crying and running. Alma’s mother comes to the door and yells,”Alma get back in here and finish this!”. But Alma is already gone, she is crying and running on the suburban sidewalk as fast as she can. She is running to the field that she likes to go when she is upset, it’s not actually a field, it’s an empty lot that corn has grown in. The corn doesn’t realise that the farm has given way to the suburbs, so it does what it thinks it should; it grows. Alma sits on the ground and weeps. After a while she is all cried out. She looks up at the field, it has gone golden. It moves gently in the wind. She looks up at the sky; it is deep and glorious shade of blue. ‘Blue enough’, she thinks, ‘to swim in’.  She sees something strange in the sky. It looks like a big gold fish, and as it swims closer she realizes it is. But this is unlike any fish she has ever seen. This is a fish with the face of a man. The face, that is smoking a cigarette, looks at her and winks.

The next day she goes to work with her father. She has a fun day. On the way home they stand together on the train platform. A homeless man comes up to her father and asks him for money. Her father ignores him and squeezes her hand tightly. The homeless man looks down at her and smiles. She realizes the he has the same face as the strange fish she saw the day before. A train pulls in and stops. She and her father get on the train, find a seat and wait. She can see the homeless man out her window asking people for money as they pass. “Why didn’t you give that man any money?” she asks her father. Her father is opening his briefcase to finish up some work, “What man?” her father asks. Alma sits confused, not understanding her father. She looks back at the homeless man, he looks at her and smiles. His face starts to turn orange and he changes into a fish. He swims off though the station. As the fish swam away a strange feeling of fear mixed with apathy came over her.